Der Taucher

The Diver inside

Günter Schwaiger
The quieter the sea, the darker the abyss.
Paul, a famous composer and musician, returns to Ibiza with his son Robert under the pretext of finishing his new ballet. In reality, however, he tries to persuade his ex-partner Irene to drop a complaint against him for serious mistreatment, which could cost him his career. He tries to manipulate Irene with every means at his disposal, which he almost succeeds in doing until Robert and Irene's daughter Lena turn against him. The conflict is inevitable.
In the midst of the apparent idyll of a Mediterranean island, this film tells the story of a trauma from the different perspectives of those involved. A psycho-thriller about the effects, repression and coming to terms with family violence, but also about the longing for love and the indomitable power of rebellion.
Technical Data
Running time: 93
Format: digital
Screen ratio: 2:2.35
Language spoken: German
Completion expected: summer 2019
Director(s): Günter Schwaiger
Writer(s): Günter Schwaiger
Cinematographer(s): David Azcano
Key cast: Franziska Weisz, Julia Franz Richter, Alex Brendemühl, Dominik Marcus Singer
Producers: Günter Schwaiger, Lukas Stepanik
Production company
GSF – Günter Schwaiger Film Produktion
Mollardgasse 85a/1/12
1060 Vienna