Narziss und Goldmund

Narcissus and Goldmund

Stefan Ruzowitzky
Goldmund, a young man, is sent away to a monastery by his father to atone for his mother’s sins. There he meets the novice Narcissus. When Goldmund comes to Narcissus’ defense against an older group of boys it marks the beginning of a profound friendship.
Some years later…Handsome, wise and reserved, Narcissus chooses to continue living his life in prayer and meditation. Goldmund, passionate, sensual and impulsive, chooses a path away from the monastery to become an adventurer, leading him to discover the highs and lows of ecstasy and pain. Until these friends meet again in a highly dramatic moment.
Technical Data
Running time: 110
Format: digital
Screen ratio: 16:9
Language spoken: German
Completion expected: summer 2019
Director(s): Stefan Ruzowitzky
Writer(s): Stefan Ruzowitzky based on the novel by Hermann Hesse
Cinematographer(s): Benedict Neuenfels
Key cast: Jannis Niewöhner, Sabin Tambrea, André M. Hennicke, Henriette Confurius
Producers: Tommy Pridnig, Peter Wirthensohn, Helge Sasse, Christoph Müller
Production company
Lotus-Film GmbH
Mollardgasse 85A / Stiege 1
1060 Vienna
tel:+43 1 786 33 87
Tempest Film (D), Mythos Film (D)
International Sales
Beta Cinema
Gruenwalder Weg 28d
82041 Oberhaching, Munich
tel:+49 89 673 469 828