SAFARI by Ulrich Seidl at the 73rd Venice film festival

Ulrich Seidl traces the eerie paths of European hunting tourists in Kenya. Safari, „a vacation movie about killing“, will screen Out of Competition.  Two more films (co-)produced by Austrian companies will be on the Venice schedule: Cinema Futures by Michael Palm (Venice Classics) and The Eremites by Ronny Trocker (Orizzonti).

Out of Competition

directed by Ulrich Seidl
produced by Ulrich Seidl Film Produktion
International sales: Coproduction Office
Africa. In the wild expanses, where bushbucks, impalas, zebras, gnus and other creatures graze by the thousands, they are on holiday. German and Austrian hunting tourists drive through the bush, lie in wait, stalk their prey. They shoot, sob with excitement and pose before the animals they have bagged. A vacation movie about killing, a movie about human nature.


Venice Classics

directed by Michael Palm
Cinema Futures is a multilayered film essay about the future of cinema and film in the age of digitalized moving images. At a time when analogue film is fast disappearing, new digital production methods are being employed, and digitalization is becoming the standard in cinema and broadcast TV, a great deal of our audiovisual memory could be lost. What will cinematic cultures of the future be like? Are the world’s film archives facing a new dark age? Will film die out or just change?


directed by Ronny Trocker
coproduced by Golden Girls Filmproduktion (A) with zischlermann filmproduktion (D)
The feature debute tells the story of farmers son Albert, who must choose between the harsh life on the remote parental mountain farm or a life in the valley.
with: Andreas Lust, Ingrid Burkhard