Mission Statement

The Austrian Film Commission (AFC), founded in 1986, is a non-profit organization dedicated to increase awareness of Austrian cinema and promote it on the international level.

The AFC represents a qualified selection of Austrian feature length films at major festivals and markets – including events at Cannes, Berlin, Venice, Toronto, San Sebastián, Locarno or Amsterdam (IDFA), advises producers and creative artists on festival and sales strategies, and coordinates festival itineraries.

Acting both as an information clearing house and as a facilitating agency for export purposes, the AFC offers a wide variety of services and know-how, by

  • maintaining a vibrant global network with festival directors and curators, sales agents, buyers and distributors
  • monitoring new trends and changes in the film business worldwide in order to offer a first-hand perception of the international market to Austrian film professionals
  • •representing the organization at international festivals and markets
  • consulting and supporting Austrian film professionals on the occasion of their international festival presence
Information about new Austrian feature films is distributed through various publications. The AFC website offers updated news and an extensive film database; www.AustrianFilms.Com is also an essential link to the Austrian film industry and the gateway to the digital hub ALL YOU CAN WATCH.
The Austrian Film Commission – Your Austrian Film Connection