Variety on RIMINI: ... a shiveringly precise slow burn

For Seidl’s film, a shiveringly precise slow burn that continues to burrow new tunnels in the mind long after it ends, no such renewal is in the cards. In RIMINI low season can always get lower. Read more of Variety-critic Jessica Kiang’s great review on Ulrich Seidl’s Golden Bear contender RIMINI
Jessica Kiang, Variety
... truly gruesome scenes in the starkly unforgiving Seidl style
Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian
Seidl is the kind of filmmaker who is both a provocateur and sort of a sentimentalist at heart. I feel that this movie had this kind of balance.
Eric Kohn of Indiewire on efm podcast

Rimini also earns its laurel as a sensitive study of mortality, as well as a lacerating look at much else that Seidl sees in us,
David Katz, Cineuropa

The first part of an intended diptych about two Austrian brothers, sleazy-fun black comedy Rimini follows one sibling, Ritchie Bravo (Michael Thomas)
 Leslie Felperin, The Hollywood Reporter