80CM 5T

Michael Pilz
Karl Prantl, the main character in the film, is one of the leading figures of Austrian art. As a sculptor - as one who shapes stones - he has produced an oeuvre of rare consistency and coherence, created out of an awareness of the fundamental concerns and utterances of man. The act of meditation becomes action, the cultic endeavour becomes an end in itself, the ritual is reduced to its most concise form. The film itself doesn't attempt to illustrate or to portray the person or the artist's products: it attempts to present deeper impressions of motives and feelings which might be those of the average man. It induces one to look and listen to everyday events which are probably more visionary than the so-called extraordinary ones. It is the result of a 3-year dialogue between sculpture and film. A film about creativity, intuition and resistance. Or, about love, nature and death. Michael Pilz, Vienna, April 1989
Technical Data
Running time: 107
Format: 16mm (Blow-up 35mm)
Screen ratio: 1:1.37
Language spoken: German/Japanese/Italian
Production year: 1989
Director(s): Michael Pilz
Writer(s): Michael Pilz
Cinematographer(s): Michael Pilz
Key cast: Karl Prantl, Uta Peyrer Prantl, Kengiro Azuma, Milos Clupac, Makoto Fujiwara, Janez Lenassi, Levan Mikheidze, Philipp, Rickey, Paul Schneider, Rudolf Zwischenberger
Producer: Michael Pilz
Producers: Michael Pilz