Akte Grüninger – Die Geschichte eines Grenzgängers

One Step To Freedom

1938. Austria has been annexed by Nazi Germany, and Switzerland has closed its borders for Jewish refugees – a death sentence for thousands. But not all Swiss officials observe this inhuman order: the Police Commander Paul Grüninger puts not only his career, but also his life on the line by disregarding orders and allowing all Jews to enter the country. Hailed as the Swiss Oskar Schindler, Grüninger was responsible for letting 3,600 Jews enter the country – and was sentenced to a prison term for falsifying documents and abuse of office.
Technical Data
Running time: 90
Format: Digital
Screen ratio: 16:9
Language spoken: German, Swiss German
Production year: 2014
Writer(s): Bernd Lange
Cinematography: Matthias Fleischer
Editing: Michael Schaerer, Bernhard Lehner
Key cast: Stefan Kurt, Max Simonischek, Anatole Taubman, Cornelius Obonya, Laurence Rupp
Producers: Michael Schaerer, Bernhard Lehner, Golli Marboe
Production company
makido Film
Fockygasse 33/1
1120 Vienna
tel:+43 1 812 17 45
C-Films (CH), Mecom Film & TV (D)