Andri 1924-1944

Andrina Mračnikar
How can one tell a story which is known from hearsay only? A story, which was never written down, a story illustrated by hardly any pictures. Andri, an army deserter was hunted by the Gestapo and executed as a partisan. Andrina Mracnikar received the story of her grandmother's brother as a child like parts of a huge and incomplete mythic puzzle, which included Hitler, Jesus and Snow White.
Technical Data
Running time: 19
Format: Beta SP
Screen ratio: 4:3
Sound: Andrina Mracnikar, Max Leinst├Ąttner
Language spoken: German/Slovene
Production year: 2003
Director(s): Andrina Mračnikar
Writer(s): Andrina Mracnikar
Cinematographer(s): Andrina Mracnikar
Producer: Andrina Mracnikar