Böse Spiele

Wicked Games

Ulrich Seidl
Two men, two brothers, their childhood home in Lower Austria. They drink to their late mother, they bury her. Then they drive back to their real lives. One back to Romania, to resume living his newly begun life, the other to Rimini, to go back to dreaming his old dream. But sooner or later both their pasts will catch up with them.
Technical Data
Running time: 180
Format: digital
Screen ratio: 1:1.85
Language spoken: German
Completion expected: summer 2020
Director(s): Ulrich Seidl
Writer(s): Ulrich Seidl, Veronika Franz
Cinematographer(s): Wolfgang Thaler
Key cast: Hans Michael Rehberg, Georg Friedrich, Michael Thomas
Producers: Ulrich Seidl, Philippe Bober
Production company
Ulrich Seidl Filmproduktion GmbH
Wasserburgergasse 5/7
1090 Vienna
tel:+43 1 310 28 24
Essential Filmproduktion (D), Parisienne de Production (F)
International Sales
Coproduction Office
24 rue Lamartine
75009 Paris
tel:+33-1-56 02 6000