Der Kärntner spricht Deutsch

Andrina Mračnikar
Austrian history, as told by people who have hardly been asked about it before: Carinthian Slovenians, who were both in the resistance and Wehrmacht, who fought underground with the partisans and were deported to labor and concentration camps. People who survived massacres, lived to see the end of the war and experience the post-war years. Focusing on the war years of 1939-45, the individual narrations and destinies of the women and men slowly blend into a shared story.
Technical Data
Running time: 60
Format: Digi Beta
Screen ratio: 1:1.33
Sound: Stereo
Language spoken: Slovene
Subtitles: German
Production year: 2006
Contact: Andrina Mracnikar

A-9074 Keutschach/Hodice, Plescherken 97

mobile: +43 699 13 57 77

Director(s): Andrina Mračnikar
Writer(s): Andrina Mracnikar
Cinematographer(s): Thomas Marschall
Producers: Filmakademie Wien