Der Unfisch

The Unfish

Robert Dornhelm
Sophie's uncle Roberto, a showman at fairs, dies while passing through a village. His attraction was a huge stuffed whale. Sophie comes to the village to settle the estate. She discovers the whale's secret: whoever sleeps with her in its stomach is granted a wish. Sophie gives in to temptation: she tests the whale's power and sleeps with a few different men in the village. The men's wishes are granted. The village is plunged into chaos, and the consequences of all the fulfilled wishes threaten to destroy it. An attempt is made to reverse everything, but the whale only grants wishes. There is also the story of a young couple's love, which is consummated inside the whale and prevents the final catastrophe. The whale is then set afire and sinks into the lake. The couple pops out of its mouth. Sophie sacrifices her life to the whale. And the whale swims away.
Technical Data
Running time: 98
Format: 35 mm
Screen ratio: 1:1.85
Sound: Dolby A
Language spoken: German
Subtitles: English
Production year: 1997
Director(s): Robert Dornhelm
Writer(s): Michael Köhlmeier
Cinematography: Michi Riebl
Editing: Klaus Hundsbichler
Key cast: Andreas Lust, Maria Schrader, Heinrich Schweiger, Erwin Leder, Eva Herzig, August Schmölzer, Georges Kern, Michou Friesz
Producer: Robert Dornhelm
Producers: Norbert Blecha
Production company
Terra International Filmproductions
Lienfeldergasse 39
1160 Vienna, Austria
tel:+43 1 484 11 01-0