Einmal mehr als nur reden

Anna Katharina Wohlgenannt
Doing something rather than just talking about a problem. In February 1984, 50 Austrians formed the work brigade “February ’34” and set off for Nicaragua, moved by their solidarity with the Sandinista Revolution. A film about commitment, coming to terms with reality and a desire for a better world that lives on.
Technical Data
Running time: 72
Format: HD Cam
Screen ratio: 16:9
Sound: Dolby Stereo
Language spoken: Dolby Stereo
Production year: 2010
Director(s): Anna Katharina Wohlgenannt
Writer(s): Anna Katharina Wohlgenannt
Cinematographer(s): Robert Neumüller
Producers: Nikolaus Geyrhalter, Markus Glaser, Michael Kitzberger, Wolfgang Widerhofer