Fragments of Kubelka

Martina Kudláček
This epic documentary subtly introduces the complex world view of iconic filmmaker and theoretician Peter Kubelka. While Kubelka´s radical and pioneering body of films is a highly condensed work of about an hour focussing on the essence of cinema, his legendary lectures (e.g. "cooking as an art form") often unfold over many hours. Martina Kudláček has carefully woven an open-ended portrait which goes beyond the biographical.
Technical Data
Running time: 232
Format: HDCAM
Screen ratio: 4:3
Sound: Stereo
Language spoken: English
Production year: 2012
Director(s): Martina Kudláček
Writer(s): Martina Kudláček
Cinematographer(s): Martina Kudláček
Producers: Martina Kudláček
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