Grüß Gott, Zielgruppe

Johanna Moder
The TV magazine 'Dies&Das', which Alfred normally hosts with nonchalance and imperturbable calm, is being taped. Then bestseller author Ursula Sorger appears on his show: She has written a new book, and her idea of presenting a literary work varies greatly from Alfred's.
Technical Data
Running time: 6
Format: 16mm
Language spoken: German
Production year: 2003
Contact: Johanna Moder Ullmannstraße 3/21 A-1150 Vienna, Austria tel: +43 676/300 11 40 e-mail:
Director(s): Johanna Moder
Writer(s): Johanna Moder
Cinematographer(s): Robert Oberrainer
Key cast: Rupert Lehofer, Gabi Hitti
Producer: Johanna Moder