Luft holen

Just Breathe

Mathias Mitzscherling
How does a 59-year-old Viennese man become a surfing legend? Heinrich Kehrer travels to Bali on business, to buy land for a hotel project. There he meets 25-year-old Peter, a surfer, and takes some lessons from him. And this proves to be the first step in Heinrich Kehrer's transformation into a surfing legend, a story which is narrated here in three versions.
Technical Data
Running time: 89
Format: Digital
Screen ratio: 16:9
Language spoken: German
Production year: 2015
Contact: Mathias Mitzscherling
Ottakringerstra├če 162/1/11
1160 Vienna – Austria
Writer(s): Mathias Mitzscherling
Cinematographer(s): Othmar Hofer, Florian Nelwek, Lukas Dundler, Adi Leitner
Key cast: CC Weinberger, Mathias Mitzscherling, Mercedes Echerer, Hubert Kramar, Hary Prinz, Eva Widmann
Producers: Mathias Mitzscherling