Meine Mutter war ein Metzger

My Mother Was a Butcher

Jörg Kalt
Two medical students from Russia attempt to transport a corpse from Vienna to Moscow by train. A true story.
Technical Data
Running time: 20
Format: 16 mm
Screen ratio: 1:1.66
Language spoken: Russian
Subtitles: English, German
Production year: 1999
Director(s): Jörg Kalt
Writer(s): Jörg Kalt
Cinematographer(s): Eva Testor, Veronika Mossböck
Key cast: Jiri Bábek, Pavel Zvaríc, Christoph Müller, Sebastian Blomberg, Andrej Losin
Producer: Jörg Kalt
Producers: Jörg Kalt