Olya's Love

Kirill Sakharnov
Olya´s love is a film about a lesbian couple living in Russia. Olya is a fighter, active member of the LGBT-community, her partner Galiya doesn´t want to let politics rule her life. Their love is strong, and they want to have a baby together. When Russian Duma launches their discriminating laws against homosexuals, Olya starts to fight even stronger. But same time their love is put to the test.
Technical Data
Running time: 70
Format: Digital
Screen ratio: 16:9
Language spoken: Russian
Production year: 2014
Writer(s): Ksenia Sakharnova
Cinematography: Kirill Sakharnov
Editing: Max Kliewer, Kirill Sakharnov
Producers: Jürgen Karasek, Filip Malinowski, Ksenia Sakharnova, Vlad Ketkovich
Amsterdam (IDFA)
Production company
Soleil Film
Linke Wienzeile 142/13
1060 Vienna
tel:+43 699 123 974 78
Sugar Docs (RU), Ethnofund (RU)