Seit die Welt Welt ist

Since The World Was World

Günter Schwaiger
Gonzalo is a farmer living with his family in a small village in Ribera del Duero. The ancient and sage tradition of producing their food, from the slaughter of a pig to his own wine, has worked very well for him at this time of crisis in Spain. Sowing and harvest, like fiestas and customs, define the annual cycle, plagued with difficulties and problems. However, neither unemployment nor the monopolies of the multinationals, nor the hostility of those who try to conceal Spain’s history prevent Gonzalo from advancing in his particular struggle for survival.
Technical Data
Running time: 102
Format: digital
Screen ratio: 1:2.33
Language spoken: Spanish
Production year: 2015
Director(s): Günter Schwaiger
Writer(s): Günter Schwaiger
Cinematography: Günter Schwaiger, Cristina Guisado García
Editing: Günter Schwaiger, Martin Eller
Producers: Günter Schwaiger, Cristina G. Alía
Madrid (Documental)
Production company
Mosolov-P S.L.
Calle Benito Castro 3-6 izq
28028 Madrid, Spain