Unter den Brettern hellgrünes Gras

Karin Berger
Romni Ceija Stojka was kept in Nazi concentration camps and was eventually freed by allied forces at the end of WWII. The film documents an encounter with her today. By simply capturing her thoughts on film the director has managed to avoid using prevalent visuals of war and horror. The film can be regarded as a historic artefact as well as a social portrait where the spoken world confronts the audience by merely existing in the complexity of lived memory.
Technical Data
Running time: 52
Format: Digi Beta
Screen ratio: 4:3
Sound: Stereo
Production year: 2006
Contact: Navigator Film A-1070 Vienna, Schottenfeldgasse 14 tel: +43 1 524 97 77, fax: +43 1 524 97 77,
Director(s): Karin Berger
Writer(s): Karin Berger
Cinematographer(s): Joerg Burger, Karin Berger
Producers: Johannes Rosenberger