Variety on Ruth Maders WHAT IS LOVE



«Uncompromisingly elliptical, but often touching and funny, ...» writes Leslie Felperin of Variety in Ruth Maders new film that premiered at the 62nd Berlinale's Forum.


«Uncompromisingly elliptical, but often touching and funny, partly staged docu What Is Love strings together five portraits of relatively ordinary Austrians whose daily activities provide oblique answers to the pic's unpunctuated title question. Film reps the long-timecoming follow-up to Austrian writer-helmer Ruth Mader's 2003 debut Struggle, and will enhance her reputation for austere, typically Austrian fare, especially given this rarefied work's similarity to fellow Austrian Ulrich Seidl's docu efforts, even if it's not as twisted or bleak.»

writes Leslie Felperin, Variety

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