Sarajevo 2012: CROSSING BOUNDARIES wins CICAE Award



Florian Flicker’s new feature CROSSING BOUNDARIES was awarded the CICAE Art Cinema Award. The film will receive support in terms of distribution, exhibition and audience outreach, through a network of 3,000 cinemas.


The jury statement:
We chose the film that we think combined everything into a perfect orchestra: the screenplay, the cinematography, the acting and of course the directing. The film's topic is universal and it deals with the human nature of always finding and pushing one's limits. We believe that this film will find great audiences in the CICAE member cinemas and festivals all cross Europe.

CROSSING BOUNDARIES by Florian Flicker (Prisma Film)
supported by Österreichisches Filminstitut, ORF, FISA, Filmfonds Wien, Land Niederösterreich

A woman - two men: her husband wants her to flirt with the other man to distract him from finding out about the couples activities as people smugglers. The other man wants to flirt with the woman to get some evidence about the illegal things they do. They fall in love - the woman, being manipulated by both men, finally chooses the only possible way out? Love is a warm gun.

with:  Andreas Lust, Andrea Wenzl, Stefan Pohl