Barbarba Albert's THE DEAD AND THE LIVING at San Sebastián



San Sebastián has selected Barbarba Alberts new film THE DEAD AND THE LIVING for its 60th Golden Shell competition (September 21 to 29)

The Dead and the Living by Barbara Albert (coop99 filmproduktion (A), Alex Stern (PL), Komplizenfilm (D))

Austrian support: Austrian Film Institute, FISA, Vienna Film Fund, ORF

The story of 25-year-old Sita. It is a journey not only into the dark and loaded past of her own family during World War 2, but also into the abyss of European society today. The journey leads Sita from Berlin to Vienna, to Warsaw and to Romania. A film about losing your homeland, a film about self-discovery and identity, about responsibility and hope.

with: Anna Fischer, August Zirner, Hanns Schuschnig, Itay Tiran, Daniela Sea, Winfried Glatzeder, Wanja Mues, Emily Cox, Almut Zilcher, Kristina Bangert