L'ANIMALE by Katharina Mückstein at Berlinale PANORAMA

The Berlinale has announed the first Austrian entry to the 68th Berlinale: L' Animale premieres at Panorama.Katharina Mückstein’s second full-length feature film delves into the intermediate areas, between urban and rural life, on the verge of adulthood, at a possible turning point in the life of a normal family confronting the conflicting forces within us: passion, desire, reason.

Katharina Mückstein: The people in L'Animale appear at first sight to be in control of their destinies but are in fact trapped in a restrictive social corset. In order to be liberated they would have to abandon the idea that everything is harmonious, that everybody likes each other, that everything feels safe and predictable. I'm driven by the desire to see society per se take a step towards maturity and autonomy. That means individuals would have to distance themselves from the childlike wish for security and acceptance and, as a society, interact critically with authority and power. It's all about moving forward.

by Katharia Mückstein
produced by NGF Geyrhalterfilm, La Banda Film
 with: Sophie Stockinger, Kathrin Resetarits. Dominik Warta, Julia Franz Richter