Harald Sicheritz
Replay tells the tragicomical story of Robert Brenneis, the man who didn't want to be himself until he realizes, after inner and outer discoveries, that there are things worse ... He teaches music at a Viennese high school, leads a good life with Doris, his wife and successful talent agent, and is a good father to his 16-year old son, Michael. Brenneis can't stand the torturing thought that he missed out on a career as a rock musician. It is especially the memories of his former band member, Roland Pokorny, who has turned into a much heralded pop star, that won't let his old wounds heal. Doris tries to promote the musical plans of her husband but fails. His crisis begins to endanger their marriage. After an aborted vacation in Italy, he hits rock bottom when he wakes up in the mud behind a beer tent.
Technical Data
Running time: 94
Format: 35 mm
Screen ratio: 1:1.66
Sound: Dolby Surround
Language spoken: German
Subtitles: English
Production year: 1995
Director(s): Harald Sicheritz
Writer(s): Alfred Dorfer, Harald Sicheritz
Cinematography: Helmut Pirnat
Editing: Ingrid Koller
Key cast: Alfred Dorfer, Lukas Resetarits, Andrea Eckert, Benjamin Olesko, Reinhard Nowak, Gudrun Tielsch, Günther Paal, Roland Düringer, Beatrice Frey, Silvia Fenz, Georges Kern
Producer: Harald Sicheritz
Producers: Heinz Scheiderbauer