In Schwimmen-zwei-Vögel

At Swim-Two-Birds

Kurt Palm
The student Bran is writing a novel with different beginnings. For this purpose he invents the devil Pooka MacPhellimey, the villain John Furriskey and Fin Mac Cool, a hero of Old Ireland. John Furriskey himself is the creation of another character named Dermot Trellis. Trellis, who is also writing a book, forces all his characters to live with him in the Red Swan Hotel and do only whatever he likes them to do. Bran develops an additional subplot involving Pooka MacPhellimey, who is visited one day by a Good Fairy learning from her that soon a child shall be born to Dermot Trellis at the Red Swan Hotel and that she intends to bless the child with her positive powers. After hearing this, Pooka MacPhellimey as well sets off for the Red Swan Hotel to plant the seed of evil into the heart of the newborn child. While on their way, Pooka and the Good Fairy meet the cow punchers, Shorty Andrews and Slug Willard, and working class poet Jem Casey. The group is later joined by mad King Sweeny. After a two days journey they arrive at the Red Swan Hotel. While waiting for the child to be born, the group plays a hand of poker. The outcome of the play gives the story an unexpected turn.
Technical Data
Running time: 93
Format: Super-16 mm (Blow-up 35 mm)
Screen ratio: 1:1.66
Sound: Dolby SRD
Language spoken: German
Subtitles: English
Production year: 1997
Director(s): Kurt Palm
Writer(s): Kurt Palm (based on the novel by Flann O?Brien)
Cinematographer(s): Wolfgang Lehner
Key cast: Andreas Sobik, Renato Uz, Andreas Karner, Johannes Friesinger, Karl Ferdinand Kratzl, Ernst Wolzenburg, Harry Rowohlt, Stefan Wieland, Werner Wultsch, Hermann Scheidleder, Andreas Lust, Stefan Weber, Kathy Tanner, Nicholas Ofczarek
Producer: Kurt Palm
Producers: Markus Fischer
Production company
Fischer Film (Vienna)
Neustiftgasse 32-34
1070 Vienna
tel:+43 1 524 74 25