Theresienstadt sieht aus wie ein Curort

Theresienstadt Looks Like a Spa Resort

Nadja Seelich
Bernd Neuburger
One-of-a-kind film, photographs and audio recordings were found recently in a private collection in Prague. This material documents life in the Theresienstadt concentration camp from the perspective of a woman who would now be 124 years old.
Technical Data
Running time: 50
Format: 16 mm
Screen ratio: 1:1.37
Sound: Zdenek Merta
Language spoken: Czech/German
Subtitles: German, English
Production year: 1997
Director(s): Nadja Seelich, Bernd Neuburger
Writer(s): Nadja Seelich
Cinematographer(s): Bernd Neuburger
Producer: Nadja Seelich, Bernd Neuburger
Producers: Bernd Neuburger