Anima - Symphonie Fantastique

Anima - Fantastic Symphony

Titus Leber
A young man, the soldier and bachelor type, is looking for Anima - the eternal unattainable female who alternately appears as virgin, harlot, mother, saint but also as witch. In his illusions and visions made up of images which are multi-layered and ambiguous, Anima changes from a romantic ideal to a technically two dimensional duplicate which can be reproduced and is half woman, half sewing-machine. The visualization of the so-called "myth of the bachelor machine" moves in the electric field between Hector Berlioz' "Symphony Fantastique" (1830) and Marcel Duchamp's "Great Glass" (1920). The composers of these works, two antagonistic representatives of bachelor loneliness, face each other in the film. Experimental film: A century of male fantasy reflecting the soul of a man who strives to reach the 'eternal woman'.
Technical Data
Running time: 82
Format: 35mm
Screen ratio: 1:1.66
Language spoken: German
Production year: 1981
Contact: Titus Leber
tel: +43 1 533 28 58
cell: +43 676 75 677 62
Director(s): Titus Leber
Writer(s): Titus Leber
Cinematography: Mike Gast
Editing: Titus Leber
Key cast: Mathieu Carriere, Charo Lopez, Bruno Anthony, Marquis de Frigance, August Schuschnigg, Christian Renaud, Lukas Scheybal, Ghislaine Dumas
Producers: Veit Heiduschka
Clasart Film und Fernsehproduktion, Munich (D), Titus Film Wien