Dicht hinter der Tür

Right Behind the Door

Mansur Madavi
It's night. Molly asks Leo to tell her a story. He relates that while shaving that morning he couldn't see his reflection in the mirror. An invisible opponent appears. An elderly man stands before his appartment door and recites 'To be or not to be' from Shakespeare and warns Leo. Leo walks through surrealistic images. Dialogue with death who tells him the exact time and cause of his death. He finds himself in a region on the other side of the door. Leo meets obsessions in the shape of people. A doctor diagnoses Leo's state as self-destructive. The eyes of a cat can be seen in the flat. Leo opens the door and sees a desert, runs back and forth in the sand. A horsewoman is digging a ditch in the distance. Leo scoops water from the ditch and finds some paper. Then he is back again in his bed in the flat. The eyes of the cat are seen again. Shocking and symbolic dream images, modern adaptation of death in a story without beginning or end.
Technical Data
Running time: 89
Format: 35 mm
Screen ratio: 1:1.66
Language spoken: German
Production year: 1984
Director(s): Mansur Madavi
Writer(s): Mansur Madavi
Cinematography: Mansur Madavi
Editing: Serge Sidi
Key cast: Erhard Pauer, Alfred Solm, Irene Kugler, Nicolà Filippelli, Karl Schmid-Werter, Kurt Kosutic
Producer: Mansur Madavi
Producers: Walter Peters