The Rounder Girls

Sabine Derflinger
Bernhard Pötscher
Their ethnic roots are different and they are neither blond nor thin, this a cappella ensemble is their own creation. Three powerfully voiced singers and their pianist tour Austria and Germany, performing a program of soul and gospel. Unconcerned by current trends and the desires of record producers, they have realized a dream of an independent project with which they can earn a living. Their schedule is filling up, the venues are sold out more and more often, television interviews and newspaper articles. The only thing missing is radio play, as gospel, blues and soul are rarely featured on the Austrian airwaves. A CD that is suitable for this medium is needed. Trendy cafés and village church, everyday life as a musician and survival away from the international charts.
Technical Data
Running time: 88
Format: DV/Digi Betacam (Blow-up 35mm)
Language spoken: German/English
Subtitles: English, German
Production year: 1998
Director(s): Sabine Derflinger, Bernhard Pötscher
Writer(s): Sabine Derflinger
Cinematography: Bernhard Pötscher
Editing: Michael Hudecek, Daniel Pöhacker, Bernhard Pötscher
Producers: Sabine Derflinger, Bernhard Pötscher