Chaltura - Leila & Lena

Michael Pfeifenberger
A poetic-realistic story of two young women who could not be more dissimilar. Leila was born in Morocco and Lena in Birobidjan (Siberia). Both live in Israel. Women who courageously show that the breaking down of intercultural barriers is not an illusion. Despite inner walls and external fences.
Technical Data
Running time: 85
Format: 35mm
Sound: Dolby SR
Language spoken: Hebrew/Arabic/Russian
Subtitles: English/German
Production year: 2005
Director(s): Michael Pfeifenberger
Writer(s): Michael Pfeifenberger
Cinematography: Christian Giesser
Editing: Dominik Weiser
Key cast: Olga Rina Titov, Hila Madhala, Adib Jashan, Sasha Israel Dimitrov, Tarek Cypti, Shay Barmeli
Producer: Michael Pfeifenberger
Producers: Felix Giuliani, Christian Giesser, Josef Koschier
Warsaw (IFF Jewish Motives)
Production company
Cinecraft Film, TV & Videoproduktion
Endresstraße 18
1230 Vienna
tel:+43 1 889 07 99
SK Film- und Fernsehproduktion