Mein Vater, meine Frau und meine Geliebte

Michael Kreihsl
The film, set at the beginning of the 20th century, tells the moving story of a young doctor who squanders his love on his father and two extremely different women. The wrong turns taken by his fate, the drama of love and death, loyalty and betrayal, reflect the downfall of an epoch.
Technical Data
Running time: 90
Format: BD
Screen ratio: 16:9
Sound: Heinz Ebner
Language spoken: German
Production year: 2004
Director(s): Michael Kreihsl
Writer(s): Walter Wippersberg (based on the novel “Der arme Verschwender” by Ernst Weiß)
Cinematographer(s): Reinhold Vorschneider
Key cast: Florian Stetter, Gerti Drassl, Erika Marozsán, Friedrich von Thun, Ulrich Tukur
Producer: Michael Kreihsl
Producers: Dieter Pochlatko, Jószef Berger, Dariusz Jablonski
Production company
epo-film Produktionsges.m.b.H
Edelsinnstraße 58
1120 Vienna
tel:+43 1 812 37 18
Mythbergfilm (H), Apple Film Warsaw (PL)for ORF, TV Polska, TV Hungary