Die Erben

The Heirs

Walter Bannert
While in a swimming pool, Charly an unemployed apprentice from a working class family, helps Thomas from being beaten up by some youths. Thomas comes fro a a wealthy family but neither he nor his brother Ernst feel secure or loved. Thomas is full of hatred and becomes more agressive. He and Charly come across a right extremist group which recruits young people, using romantic campfires and promises of comradship as bait. Thomas becomes more and more committed to the group. Mugging foreigners, guest workers and leftists are part of the daily routine while the real political goals of the party leader, Fürts, remain unknown to them. These goals are: To sow a climate of fear so that the group can intervene. Thomas visits Charly at his home and sees how desolate it is. When their father attacks Charly' s sister and Charly tries to get out of his way, Thomas shoots him.
Technical Data
Running time: 96
Format: 35 mm
Language spoken: German
Production year: 1983
Director(s): Walter Bannert
Writer(s): Walter Bannert, Erich A. Richter, based on a story by Erich A. Richter
Cinematography: Hanus Polak
Editing: Walter Bannert
Key cast: Nikolas Vogel, Roger Schauer, Anneliese Stöckl-Eberhardt, Jaromir Borek, Wolfgang Gasser, Edd Stavjanik, Frank Dietrich, Johanna Tomek
Producers: Walter Bannert
June 19, 2024
1983 Cannes (Quinzaine des Réalisateurs)
with Bannert Filmproduktion