Was du nicht siehst

What you don't see

Wolfgang Fischer
17-year-ld Anton goes to a holiday cottage on the craggy Atlantic coast with his mother, Luzia and her lover, Paul. As the harmony between Luzia and Paul increases, Anton is pushed out onto the jagged costal landscape. It is there that he meets a mysterious teenage couple, Katja and David. And Anton finds himself drwan into an increasing vortex of emotional confusion - where sexual enlightenment, subtle seduction and surprising violence all play a part.
Technical Data
Running time: 89
Format: 35 mm
Screen ratio: 1:2.35
Sound: Dolby Digital
Language spoken: German, French
Subtitles: English
Production year: 2009
Director(s): Wolfgang Fischer
Writer(s): Wolfgang Fischer
Cinematography: Martin Gschlacht
Editing: Isabell Meier
Key cast: Ludwig Trepte, Frederick Lau, Alice Dwyer, Bibiana Beglau, Andreas Patton
Producers: Igor Orovac, Joachim Ortmanns
Montréal (World Film Festival)
Production company
Orbrock Filmproduktion
Schottenfeldgasse 56/23
1070 Vienna
tel:+43 1 522 25 88
Lichtblick Film (D)