Der Fotograf vor der Kamera

The Photographer In Front Of The Camera

Tizza Covi, Rainer Frimmel
Rainer Frimmel
The film accompanies the photographer Erich Lessing. He is 88 years old, but far from retired. The film shows him in his profession, as a member of the managing board of the photographic cooperative Magnum Photos, at tumultuous family meetings, in his daily routine at his studio with his co-workers.
Technical Data
Running time: 75
Format: DCP
Screen ratio: 16:9
Sound: Stereo
Language spoken: German
Production year: 2014
Director(s): Tizza Covi, Rainer Frimmel, Rainer Frimmel
Writer(s): Tizza Covi, Rainer Frimmel
Cinematography: Rainer Frimmel
Editing: Emily Artmann
Producers: Ralph Wieser
Vienna (Jewish Film Festival)
Production company
Mischief Films & Co KG
Goethegasse 1
1010 Vienna
tel:+43 1 585 23 24 25
Vento Film