Peter Kern
The emotional death of an oversexed society. No one helps anybody else. But then, shortly before Basti attempts to commit suicide, before he jumps from Vienna's Reichsbrücke into the notoriously gluttonous Danube, something happens between the two young protagonists. Basti and Claudia meet on the bridge. Two bungee jumpers without a cord. They both recognize themselves in the other's life, between reform school and the family's butcher shop, between child abuse and games that involve getting tied up.
Technical Data
Running time: 76
Format: Digi Beta
Screen ratio: 16:9
Language spoken: German
Production year: 2005
Contact: Peter Kern A-7304 Kleinwarasdorf, Gethsemangasse 23 mobile: +43 650 863 74 04
Director(s): Peter Kern
Writer(s): Peter Kern
Cinematography: Sven Kierst
Editing: Hannes Anderwald
Key cast: Christian Blümel, Marie Miklau, Deborah Wargon, Hilde Dalik, Barbara Petritsch
Producer: Peter Kern
Producers: Peter Kern