Land Grabbing

Kurt Langbein
The world’s farmland is at risk. Demand for land has soared as investors look for places to grow food for export, grow crops for biofuels or simply buy up land for profit. The film gives an inside look into the world of investors in the international agro-business and shows the consequences for families kicked off the land. Land Grabbing shows how “colonialism 2.0” works.
Technical Data
Running time: 94
Format: Digital
Screen ratio: 16:9
Language spoken: German,English, French
Production year: 2015
Director(s): Kurt Langbein
Writer(s): Christian Brüser, Kurt Langbein
Cinematography: Wolfgang Thaler
Editing: Andrea Wagner
Producers: Kurt Langbein
Leuven (Docville)
Production company
Langbein & Partner Media GmbH & Co KG
Kellermanngasse 5/12
1070 Vienna
tel:+43 1 535 36 96