Ciao Chérie

Nina Kusturica
Longing to overcome distance, customers come in the telephone cabins of a zany Viennese call shop. As with an umbilical cord, the telephone cable connects them with their loved ones, family and a distant home. The voice becomes an object of projection, but is there a real understanding?
Technical Data
Running time: 87
Format: digital
Screen ratio: 1:2.35
Language spoken: local languages
Production year: 2018
Director(s): Nina Kusturica
Writer(s): Nina Kusturica
Cinematography: Michael Schindegger
Editing: Nina Kusturica
Key cast: Nahoko Fort-Nishigami, Sikavi Agbogbe, Simonida Selimović, Ayo Aloba, Dioma Mar Dramè
Producer: Nina Kusturica
Production company
Nina Kusturica Projects e.U.
Krieglergasse 14/12
1030 Vienna