Ein bisschen bleiben wir noch

Where No One Knows Us

Arash T. Riahi
The Chechen refugee kids Oskar (8) and Lilli (13), who have been living in Austria for six years, are about to be deported along with their mother. When their mother attempts suicide it results in the short-term suspension of the deportation – but also in the forced separation of the family. The children’s hope that they will be reunited with their mother is nourished by their love for each other and challenges all bureaucratic obstacles with passion and poetry.
Technical Data
Running time: 115
Format: digital
Screen ratio: 1:2.39
Language spoken: German
Completion expected: summer 2019
Director(s): Arash T. Riahi
Writer(s): Arash T. Riahi based on a novel by Monika Helfer
Cinematographer(s): Enzo Brandner
Key cast: Leopold Pallua, Rosa Zant, Christine Ostermayer, Alexandra Maria Nutz, Markus Zett, Simone Fuith
Producers: Michael Katz, Veit Heiduschka
Production company
WEGA Filmproduktion
Hägelingasse 13
1140 Vienna
tel:+43 1 982 57 42
International Sales
Les Films du Losange
22 avenue Pierre 1er de Serbie
75116 Paris
tel:+33 1 444 387 24