Peter Schreiner
Julia finds out she is suffering from a life threatening disease. Awad, a film director, was kidnapped by the militia, kept imprisoned and tortured. Herman, a stage designer, is plagued by nightmares. Sandu, a gardener, spent his childhood living in institutional homes. Omar fled the inferno of the Syrian war with his wife and children. A garden becomes the stage for its protagonists and a childhood paradise – a nightmare, a prison and a scene of war.
Technical Data
Running time: 136
Format: digital
Screen ratio: 16:9
Production year: 2019
Director(s): Peter Schreiner
Writer(s): Peter Schreiner
Cinematographer(s): Peter Schreiner
Key cast: Giuliana Pachner, Awad Elkish, Hermann Krejcar, Sandu Petre Boitan, Omar Taha
Producer: Peter Schreiner
January 29, 2019
Awards (selection): Best Editing (Graz/Diagonale)
Production company
Peter Schreiner Filmproduktion –
Grinzinger Allee 37a
1190 Vienna
tel:+43 1 328 64 43