011 Beograd

Michael Pfeifenberger
011 Belgrade is the first film of the series 'Survival in the City' shot by directors in various cities. The film traces the stories of Dejan, Maja and Danja as they try with the only means at their disposal - the simply strategy of friendship - to overcome the lack of perspective that dominates their world. In a city where pragmatism rules, they finally resolve to search together for some place where their hopes and dreams can flourish. Life in the Serbian capital during early summer 2002 is characterised by political chaos and rampant crime, but there is also a certain joy at being alive - and many examples of an absolutely macabre sense of humour.
Technical Data
Running time: 86
Format: 35mm
Screen ratio: 1:1.85
Sound: Dolby FR
Language spoken: Serbocroatian
Subtitles: German, English
Production year: 2002
Director(s): Michael Pfeifenberger
Writer(s): Wolfgang Schmidt
Cinematography: Christian Giesser
Editing: Alexander Frohner
Key cast: Vanja Ejdus, Mihailo Ladjevac, Ana Stefanovic, Boris Komnenic
Producers: Karin and Franz Novotny, Bojan Maljevic
Saarbrücken (Max Ophüls)
Production company
Novotny & Novotny Filmproduktion
Weimarerstraße 22/4A
1180 Vienna
tel:+43 1 478 71 70
Monetroyal Pictures International (BIH)