Volver la Vista - Der umgekehrte Blick

Fridolin Schönwiese
26 Mexicans living in Austria and Austrians spending their lives in Mexico put together a portrait depicting their home countries. They employ clichés and their desires, dreams and personal experiences, attempting at the same time to localize their identities. They are accompanied by two camerapeople who themselves cross borders. Their gaze follows the narrators and their stories to the other country.
Technical Data
Running time: 90
Format: 35mm
Sound: Dolby Digital
Language spoken: German/Spanish
Subtitles: English
Production year: 2005
Director(s): Fridolin Schönwiese
Writer(s): Fridolin Schönwiese
Cinematographer(s): Johannes Hammel, Rafael Ortega, Joerg Burger
Producer: Fridolin Schönwiese
Producers: Gabriele Kranzelbinder, Alexander Dumreicher-Ivanceanu
Producciones Sincronía (MX)