Austrian Films at Venice 2010



The line-up for the Venezia 67 film festival has been announced: The Forgotten Space, a Dutch-Austrian co-production by Allan Sekula and Noël Burch will be presented in the Orizzonti-Section. The four Austrian short films shown in the Orizzonti short film competition include: Shadow Cut by Martin Arnold, Mouse Palace by Harald Hund und Paul Horn, The Future will not be Capitalist by Sasha Pirker and Coming Attractions by Peter Tscherkassky.



THE FORGOTTEN SPACE by Allan Sekula & Noel Burch (WILDart Film, DocEye Film (NL))

supported by Austrian Film Institute, ORF

Those who rule the sea, rule the world. Allan Sekula, perhaps the most prominent photographer, filmmaker and chronicler of modern labour conditions working today sets off with the French director and film historian Noel Burch to explore the sea, the ‘forgotten space’, which forms the arena for the globalisation of freight transport and labour.




SHADOW CUTS by Martin Arnold (4:30 min)

MOUSE PALACE by Harald Hund und Paul Horn (10:30 min)

THE FUTURE WILL NOT BE CAPITALIST by Sasha Pirker (19:16 min)

COMING ATTRACTIONS by Peter Tscherkassky (25 min)



ALEXANDER HORWATH, director of the Austrian Film Museum, will be part of this year's Orizzonti-jury.