«A gripping, intelligent psychodrama»

«A gripping, intelligent psychodrama»
«Kreutzer and her predominantly female team have created a story both knottily specific and usefully general inits understanding that for many women, an ultimately untenable level of watchful self-control is the price of ambition, as inescapable and treacherous as the uneven ground beneath our feet.»
Jessica Kiang, Variety

«There’s a discourse going on about family and memory, about what we lose if we turn ourselves into work machines that leeches subtly into the fabric of Kreutzer’s psycho-drama, buoyed by a fine use of setting, camera focus and color.»
Lee Marshal, Screen International

«Kreutzer, making a leap up in scope and accomplishment from 2016’s generational snapshot “We Used to Be Cool,” approaches her potentially sensationalist storyline with level-headed realism and her interest in exploring schizophrenia itself. This embrace of messy, compromised ambivalence over cathartic narrative revelation may frustrate those looking for a more full-throated thriller denouement, but it gives Kreutzer’s film a depth of insight that is rare in the cinematic treatment of this most misunderstood of diseases.»

«An impressively controlled feature about the messy nature of contemporary life.»
Boyd van Hoeij, The Hollywood Reporter