«As gripping as a satanically inspired soap opera.»

It is also as gripping as a satanically inspired soap opera, a dynasty of lost souls.

This is a black comedy of pure sociopathy.
Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

... a final shot that ranks among the most chilling of Haneke’s career, even as it earns the darkest of laughs. It’s as if the director has tied up loose ends from his earlier films, while forcing us to re-examine issues that have only grown more dire since he first brought them to our attention.
Peter Debruge, Variety
Jean-Louis Trintignant, who five years after Amour and 61 since And God Created Woman has lost none of his ability to command a dark room.
Lee Marshall, Screen International

Haneke’s dry filming style and geometrically balanced framing are, as always, a great pleasure to watch, creating not just an unsettling atmosphere but revealing hidden meanings, along with Christian Berger’s crisp and businesslike lighting, Olivier Radot’s stylish set design and editor Monika Willi’s near-perfect cutting.  
Deborah Young, The Hollywood Reporter

Famille à la Haneke
Wenke Husmann, Die Zeit

Haneke est grand parce qu'il reste éminemment actuel.
Frédéric Strauss, Télérama