CHUCKS at Montréal World Competition

The 39th Montréal World Film Festival (August 27 to September 7) unveils its program with Chucks by Sabine Hiebler & Gerhard Ertl as part of the World Competition. Peter Brunner’s Those Who Fall Have Wings and Maria Hengge’s Sin & Illy Still Alive are scheduled for Focus on World Cinema

World Competition

CHUCKS directed by Sabine Hiebler & GerhardErtl
Mae quit school and ran away from home. After her brother’s death her family is broken. Only his red Chucks remain. Mae has to start working in a social institution where she meets Paul. He is funny, sensitive, takes Mae as she is – and he is terminally ill. In a book named Chucks Mae writes down her own story about growing up between life and death: wild, tender and absolutely honest.
with: Anna Posch, Markus Subramaniam, Thomas Schubert, Stefanie Reinsperger, Susi Stach

Focus on World Cinema

by Peter Brunner
In the face of death, time seems to stop for those left behind. What can they do to start the clock ticking again? This inward-looking, artistically striking, and exceptionally strong drama presents its protagonists in moments of sorrow and the occasional joy, but always as fragile, vulnerable people.
with: Jana McKinnon, Renate Hild, Pia Dolezal
directed by Maria Hengge
Sin and Illy have a plan: to travel to a Greek island and get ‘clean’ on their own. But the two girls’ plan begins to collapse even on the way to the airport. Finally Sin realizes she has to escape from the heroin addiction all alone.
with: Ceci Chuh, Cosima Ciupek, Ulrich Fassnacht, Burak Yigit, Pascale Schiller, Angela Winkler

First Feature Competition

VALS directed by Anita Lackenberger

Rosa lives a lucky life in an alpine valley. With WWII, nature catastrophies, the loss of her boyfriend foreign forces intrude in her life. The spirits of the valley have turned against her. She stays tough and proud, but finally has to leave her beloved homeland.

with: Gerti Drassl, Harald Windisch, Hannes Perkmann, Franziska Grinzinger