LA PIVELLINA: Best European Film in the Directors' Fortnight


Tizza Covi and Rainer Frimmel’s La Pivellina has been awarded the Europa Cinemas Label as Best European Film in the Directors’ Fortnight section of the Cannes Film Festival. La Pivellina will now receive the support of the Europa Cinemas exhibitors who commit themselves to extend the length of its run on screen and additional promotion across the network.

The jury issued the following statement: “Our decision was unanimous. La Pivellina is a film with a big heart – a generous, unpretentious and optimistic look at society’s outcasts and makes no moral judgments. The filmmakers’ background in documentaries gives the film a real naturalistic credibility, drawing the audience in and engaging them. The acting is superb. We feel the universal themes and the warmth of the cross-generational relationships in the film can have a real impact across Europe with audiences.”