La Valetta awards STYX and WELCOME TO SODOM

Wolfgang Fischer’s Styx garners two awards at La Valetta Film Festival, including the prize for Best Performance to Susanne Wolff and Best Cinematography to Benedict Neuenfels. The Best Cinematography award of the documentary competition went to Christian Kermer, DOP of Welcome to Sodom.


Best Performance to Susanne Wolff

For a very strong, singularly engaging and solid performance carrying the weight of an entire film and conveying the horror of the political situation of refugees in a subtle, yet powerful way.
Best Cinematography to Benedict Neuenfels (Fiction Competition)
For the audacity, the truthfulness and the consistency of the photography, for the fluidity and the precision of the camera work, never over-dramatizing but humanly representing the daring journey of a one-woman sailor and one of the tragedies of our times.


Best Cinematography to Christian Kermer (Documentary Competition)

The astonishing cinematography of this film succeeds in plunging us into the revelatory apocalyptic reality of an electronic waste dump in Ghana. The length of the shots, the mastery of the camera movements and the considered pacing create a fully immersive visual experience.  Even though it shows a vision of darkness, the poetic approach of the image never falls into misery; it reflects those who live and work there in all their beauty and dignity.