Martin Gschlacht – European Cinematographer 2015

The European Film Academy has announced the first winners to be honoured at the 28th European Film Awards: The Prix Carlo di Palma 2015 goes to Martin Gschlacht for his outstanding camera work in Goodnight Mommy.

The jury stated
The photography in Goodnight Mommy. is extremely consistent and suggestive. Every frame is created in the atmosphere of the film and strengthens its dramaturgy. These pictures are testimony to the huge visual sensitivity of the cinematographer. They are an excellent example of the use of composition and light and offer a new, very modern understanding of the art of cinematography.
The jury comprised Austrian editor Mona Willi, Adam Sikora, cinematographer from Poland, Kjartan Sveinsson, composer from Iceland, Belgian sound designer Mathieu Cox, Uberto Pasolini, director/producer from United Kingdom, Italian costume designer Daniela Ciancio, and Swedish production designer Anna Asp.