OVER THE YEARS and SUPERWORLD competing at Sarajevo

 The 21st Sarajevo Film Festival hosts 2011 Heart of Sarajevo winner Karl Markovics with his second feature film Superworld, Nikolaus Geyrhalter’s Over the Years as one of the doc competition entries as well as Goodnight Mommy  (In Focus) and Dominik Hartl’s first feature Beautiful Girl.

21st Sarajevo Film Festival (August 14 to 22)


SUPERWELT by Karl Markovics
Gabi Kovanda, supermarket employee, leads an ordinary life between family and job, between single-family home and local food store. One day when Gabi comes home from work something happens that changes her life in a single moment. It isn’t visible, it makes no sound, and yet it strikes her like a bolt from the sky – an encounter with God. A person is snubbed by their own existence. Without external cause, without hardship. How do you cope with it? And how do your surroundings cope with it?

with: Ulrike Beimpold, Rainer Wöss, Nikolai Gemel

Competition Documentary

ÜBER DIE JAHRE by Nikolaus Geyrhalter

Over The Years is an observation of what happens to a few manual laborers from a former textile company who became unemployed, over a period of more than ten years. A film about the use of time, about work and life and a memorial to industrial sectors in the process of dying out in Europe.

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In Focus

ICH SEH ICH SEH by Veronika Franz & Severin Fiala
In the heat of the summer. An isolated house in the countryside between woods and corn fields.Ten-year-old twins wait for their mother. When she comes back, her head wrapped in bandages after plastic surgery, nothing is as it was before. Stern and distant now, she shuts the family off from the outside world. Starting to doubt that this woman is actually their mother, the boys are determined to find the truth by any means.

with: Susanne Wuest, Lukas & Elias Schwarz
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Teen Arena

BEAUTIFUL GIRL by Dominik Hartl
When her parents separate, 15-year-old Charlotte has her first taste of how painful love can be.But then she meets two boys – Sulzer and Carlo – who are also best friends and she soon discovers that love can be pretty chaotic and crazy at times.
with: Jana McKinnon, Marlon Boess, Giacomo Pilotti, Lilian Klebow, Dany Sigel, Moritz Uhl, Hary Prinz