On screen, the film is meticulously measured.
Gregorio Belinchón, El Pais
And what is it about? Nothing less than the trials and tribulations of a pedophile harassed for what he is hopelessly condemned by his past. It is a film about identity, about guilt and, most obviously, about pain. A very good film
Luis Martínez, El Mundo
It is a great performance by Georg Friedrich the way he plays a hypernervous, uptight man who is obviously struggling with himself.
Rüdiger Suchsland, Der Standard
a film about a man at inner war with himself

And as much as "Sparta" is the portrait of a man with a pedophilic disposition, played to the point of self-sacrifice by its lead actor, it is above all a precise, intense film, written by Seidl and Veronika Franz and captured in calm images and sober shots, about power relations and loss of power, set in a world of great poverty with archaic power structures that are shaken and challenged by the arrival of the stranger.

Thomas Schultze, Blickpunkt Film